When will there be a price increase for Print Services?

September 15, 2022

We appreciate how tight budgets can be and take great pride in our ability to provide the fastest, highest quality, most affordable printing in the industry. While postage is still included in Wall Calendar shipments, a surcharge for shipping Wall Calendars will be implemented due to changes in USPS "nonstandard" sortation requirements.

Beginning September 15, 2022, orders will include the following fees for shipping Wall Calendars:
  • +$4 up to 30 inches on the short side
  • +$15 over 30 inches on the short side

Please note the surcharge is per shipped tube and not per calendar printed. Orders containing both prints under and over 30 inches in size will only be charged a single fee for the largest size.

These fees will be reflected in the Print Services Portal on that date. A price sheet showing the most popular quantities and products is available here.