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Website Maintenance

Over time, our website platform may require regular and\or unplanned maintenance creating brief periods of outage, or unavailability. We try to our best to communicate these occurrences in advance, and thank you for your patience.

noun_Website Maintenance_995775Periodically, our website platform requires maintenance so that we can ensure the availability, performance and quality issues you've come to expect from Activity Connection.  When these needs arise and a website outage instance occurs, we recognize the challenges this may create for you and work hard to bring the website back online as quickly as possible.  This is why we always try our best to communicate maintenance periods in advance to help your planning needs. 

We utilize several platforms to communicate these maintenance messages including pop-up messages within our website, as well as Facebook for on-the-fly needs, and you may see us utilize our email newsletter for more advanced planning.  For this reason and many more we recommend you 'Like' our Facebook page and subscribe to our email newsletter if you have not already.  Again, we appreciate having all of you as members of our community and thank you for your understanding during website maintenance periods.