Using the MS Word Newsletter

What are the features/benefits of using the MS Word Newsletter?

  • You can save your work to your computer even if you don't have Adobe Acrobat Pro. (Assuming you have Microsoft Word or similar program.)
  • You can edit or add your own articles, clip art, and pictures.
  • You can change font sizes and styles.
  • If you are using any of the designs except Tabloid-2A and Tabloid-3A, you can type right in the table columns on the page.
  • If you are using design Tabloid-2A or Tabloid-3A, the articles are in text boxes, which are arranged in columns. If you want to change an article, first delete our text. As you type in your new article, the text will automatically flow over into the next text box in the next column. Also with these designs, you can easily move and rearrange articles.

What are the limitations of the MS Word Newsletters?

Because there are many different Microsoft Word editions, we cannot guarantee how the file will look when you open it. If you want to see how it was designed, open one of the completed Adobe newsletters.