Using the Microsoft Word Calendars

  1. Click on the design and size of the calendar you want to use. Save it to your computer so you can work off-line.
    Note: Depending on your browser settings, you might be given a choice of "open" or "save." Select the "save" option.
  2. When you are ready to work on your calendar, open the file in MS Word. As with the Adobe calendars, add a "title" in the text box under the name of the month and type your community's/company's information in the line below the calendar.
  3. Put your cursor in a cell and begin typing. You can type on the first line of the cell right up to the number. Note: The numbers will not move. We don't waste any space!
  4. As with the Adobe calendars, you can type right over any decorative watermarks on any of the MS Word calendars.
  5. You can change the font style and size to meet your needs.
  6. Work on your calendar a little at a time and save your changes as with any MS Word file.
  7. When you are ready to print, check that your printer options are set so that the page margins are as small as possible.
    Note: Because there are many different MS Word editions, especially between using MS Word for Windows vs. MS Word for Mac, we cannot guarantee how the Word calendars will look when you open them. If you want to see how they were designed to look, open one of the Adobe calendars.