Using the Adobe PDF Calendars

  1. Select a design and size. Open the Adobe file and save it to your computer desktop or other location so you can work off-line. When you are ready, click on the Adobe icon to open.
    Note: If you do not have Adobe Writer on your computer, be prepared to print your calendar before you close the file. Your computer will not save your changes and will open again as a blank calendar.
  2. Add a "title" in the text box under the name of the month. For example, "Calendar of Events," "Healthcare Calendar," etc. Or, put the title of your monthly theme in the box—"PizzaZZ Italian Month." If you don't want a title, delete the text.
  3. Type your community's/company's information in the line below the calendar—company name, address, phone number, setting (i.e., Assisted Living, Independent Living, etc.).
  4. Enter information in the cells of the calendar.
  • For maximum use of space, enter times, activities, birthdays, etc., without worrying about formatting. The text will get smaller as you continue to add information.
  • Once you've added everything, go back and use your "enter key" and "space bar" to format. Tip: If a word does not move when you click the space bar, click "enter" and try again.
  • To keep the font size as large as possible (original default size), simply delete any spaces at the end of each line. In contrast, if you want to make a line smaller, add spaces after the last word in the line.
  • If you have days that are alike, copy and paste information from one cell to another.
  • Information can be typed right over any watermarks.
  • As you add more information, your text will spill over to the top line, next to the date. Press your "enter key" to go around the date. We don't waste any space!
  • To center text on a line, add spaces with your "space bar."
  • To emphasize text, type in ALL CAPITALS.

5. Print copies from your computer. For best results, print in grayscale or color.
Tip: If your pages seem to shrink when you print them, make sure that the "shrink to fit" box on print options is not checked.