Using the Adobe Newsletters

What are the features/benefits of the Complete Adobe Newsletter?

  • It is a complete 4-page, professional-looking newsletter, some designs with a mailing label on the last page. All the articles are done for you.
  • Use as-is when you are in a rush. Just change the "letterhead" and the information line under the letterhead on the front page and the mailing information on the last page (if there is a mailer) and you are ready to print.
  • Make it your own (by replacing selected text/sections) without disturbing the professional look of the newsletter.
  • Customize one or more of the pages by replacing one selected article on the right-hand column of each page. Simply delete our text and type in your own text. You cannot change the other articles.
  • Insert your monthly calendar by replacing the center pages.
  • Print a one or two-page newsletter using selected pages.

How do I use the Completed Adobe Newsletters?

  1. Select one of the Adobe formats above (Tabloid-1A, Tabloid-1B, Letter-1A, or Letter-1B) and save it to your computer. When you are ready to do your newsletter ...
  2. On the front page:
  • Replace the "Letterhead" with one of your own - "West Pine News," "Forum Focus," "Marysville Times," etc.
  • Type the information about your community/company in the line below the header - address, phone number, etc.

3. If the format has a mailer on the back page (Tabloid-1A , Tabloid-2A, and Letter-1A), replace our sample text with your return and mailing addresses. If you have bulk mail information, add it to the postage box.

4. Optional - add your own articles:

  • Click on the front page article and replace it with one of your own. Also, you can replace one of the articles on the right-hand column of each page. Replace our title and text with an article that meets your particular needs.

Note: To accommodate a variety of articles, not all the editable sections are the same size. The front-page text box is the largest.

  • Replace just one article or the articles on all 4 pages.

5 .Print copies from your computer.

Tip: If your pages seem to shrink when you print them, make sure that the "shrink to fit" box on your print options is not checked.

What are the limitations of the Adobe format?

  • Important! If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Pro on your computer, be prepared to print your newsletter before you close the file. Your computer WILL NOT SAVE your changes, and it will open again as the original newsletter.
  • You cannot change the font style or make fonts bold or italic. We suggest you use ALL CAPITALS if you want to emphasize text.
  • The font will automatically decrease to fit the box, which might make it too small. To avoid this, adjust your article or move the article to another editable box. Not all of the editable boxes are the same size.
  • You cannot add clip art or images to the Adobe newsletters.