Newsletter Tips and Do's & Don'ts

Design Tips and Do's & Don'ts:

  • Decide on a design and keep the same appearance and layout from issue to issue.
  • Feature the name of your newsletter (letterhead) in large print across the top of the first page.
  • Don't forget to include the name and address of your community in smaller font on the front page.
  • For the most professional looking newsletter, use black ink on white, off-white, or cream colored paper. You can add color with graphics and pictures.
  • Stick to just two or three font styles throughout the newsletter.
  • Don't clutter your newsletter with too many graphics or clip art.
  • Use clip art and graphics that are age appropriate.
  • Put the most important features on the front page.
  • Make the articles easy to read. Be clear in your writing. Don't try to write "fancy" - just stick to the basics.
  • Keep your articles short or break them up with subheadings. Nobody likes to read a wall of words.
  • If your newsletter is going to be distributed outside of your building, do not include articles that may not be of interest to the community at large - such as departmental communications (change in laundry schedule, reminders to sign-up for transportation, etc.).

Kinds of Articles

Include interesting, informative, human-interest articles, such as:

  • Success stories of past activities and special events.
  • Activity features about particular activity programs (such as your physical program, choral group, men's club, etc.).
  • Upcoming activity highlights.
  • Resident features (such as new residents or a resident of the month).
  • Residents' writings (such as short stories, articles, poems, etc.).
  • Associate features (such as employee of the month).
  • Volunteer features.
  • Tips for promoting wellness.
  • Games and puzzles appropriate for the age group.
  • Cartoons and humor.
  • Birthday congratulations. Note: Avoid mentioning age or year of birth.
  • Ask department managers to write regular monthly articles related to their professions. For example:

-Food for Thought (dietary)

- Nuts and Bolts (maintenance)

- Household Tips (housekeeping)

- For Your Health (nursing)

- Special Happening (marketing)

- Manager's Desk (administrator)