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Redesigned Website and Planned Outage

There will be a two-day planned outage period before we launch our new website on November 2, 2022. ActivityConnection.com, Calendar Builder and Print Services Portal will be offline October 31st and November 1st, 2022.

Preparing for the Redesigned Site and Planned Outage

We are very busy working behind the scenes to ready our redesigned website for public launch by November 2, 2022.  The transition from our existing website to the new one will be complicated, requiring an outage period. 

ActivityConnection.com, Calendar Builder, and Print Services Portal will be offline October 31st and November 1st before the new website is available on November 2nd.

How Can You Prepare?

Download Content Now

We recommend downloading November and December content NOW.  Don't let the outage period sneak up on you, please download the resources you rely on from our site today.

Download and Print Finished Calendars in Advance

To keep your senior living community in compliance, you need to ensure you always have access to calendars. Please download and print your finished calendars before the October 31st outage. The next chance to access calendars will be November 2nd.

Print Daily Signs in Advance

Also, consider printing our Daily Signs in advance in case you need to change an activity during the website outage period, October 31st and November 1st.

Additional Support

Do you have questions related to our upcoming website transition?  Please contact our help desk for any additional support you may require.