Managing passwords for multiple users

Secure password databases help to ensure users of shared accounts have access to current passwords, even when they change.

In today’s digital world, it's no secret password security is vital for all of your accounts ranging from banks to email addresses, social media platforms, unlocking your phone, etc. The list goes on, and our website is no different.  However, with you are still allowed to share your account in a single facility, but now those accounts will require regular password changes. So, if these passwords may change from time-to-time, how do you make sure everyone that is supposed to have access to has the access they need, when they need it?

There are several options to choose from to solve this problem ranging from the always popular, but never recommended Post-It® note, to the super secure, multiple factor password security software. Choosing the right solution within this range can make managing your password a simple process, or potentially somewhat complicated. The choice should depend on how secure you need it to be to ensure your account is not compromised.

While we are unable to provide any direct referral, we do recommend the use of any secure password database software solution.

There are many secure password database offerings to choose from, some utilizing an application installed on a device, others offered as Internet-based solutions. These programs keep your passwords locked away in a safe place, allowing people to access the password for the service they need, when they need it.  Additionally, many of these secure password databases provide password generators that can assist in creating new passwords as well.

When we support our members with this need, we would love to be able to say “use this one," but there are many to choose from online, and really the best one depends on your specific situation. And of course, if you are part of a managed IT environment, there is also the requirements of your corporate computer policy to consider. In most cases, the best person to ask for the best fit for you will be your IT staff, or go-to computer support person. They will be able to help you find the best match for your needs, and of course feel free to contact our customer service team for help at any time.