How do I edit multiple cells simultaneously in Calendar Builder?

Calendar Builder now includes a feature called 'Multi-Select Mode' which allows you to make bulk formatting changes to your calendars in any cell combination you can think of.

Please note at this time the Multi-Select Mode is not available for Internet Explorer.  Please use a modern web browser like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Microsoft Edge.

Multi-Select Mode is accessed by clicking the toolbar icon, shown below. You'll notice the icon 'hover text' reads 'Multi-select mode':

Calendar - Hover MS

Once activated, Multi-Select mode offers bulk cell editing functionality similar to familiar spreadsheet applications you may be accustomed to. You'll notice the Column (top) and Row (side) headings are now shaded blue, and a triangle-shaped 'select-all' icon has been added to the top-left (shown below). The blue shading indicates these items are now selectable.

Calendar - MS Selected


For example, if we click the 'Tuesday' Column heading, all calendar cells are selected and available for bulk formatting changes within that Column (shown below).

Calendar - Tuesday Selected


If we click the 'Week 2' Row heading, all calendar cells within that horizontal Row are selected (shown below).

Calendar - Week 2 Selected


If we click the blue triangle in the top-left portion of the calendar grid, all Rows, Columns and cells are selected and available for bulk formatting changes.

Calendar - All Selected


We are also able to create customized selections using CTRL and SHIFT key combos. In this example, we use the CTRL key to select the Wednesday Column and Week 2 Row set.

To perform the operation, first click either the Wednesday Column heading, or the Week 2 Row heading. Next, while holding CTRL, click either the Week 2 Row heading, or the Wednesday Column heading, whichever appropriate.

Note: using SHIFT instead of CTRL would select the entire range of cells leading to where Wednesday and Week 2 intersect.

Calendar - Row and Column Selected


In the image below, the CTRL key was held while we clicked various calendar cells. The selected calendar cells, highlighted in blue, are selected for bulk formatting changes.

Calendar - Random Selected