Content Do's & Don'ts

Briefly state the content of the activity. Give specifics, if possible. For example, list the title of the movie you will be showing. (It creates more interest in your program and makes your calendar more interesting.) Choose your words carefully. The activity must be clear to the reader, using just a few words.

  1. List the following on your monthly calendar:
  • Activities that are open and available to all residents.
  • Scheduled group activities.
  • All-associates/residents activities and all-day events – such as "Everyone Wear Green Day."
  • Decentralized activities (activities that are available to all residents, but not in a centralized group setting)—such as "Eyeglasses Repair," "Book Mobile," etc.
  • Major holidays or events—such as "Christmas," "First Day of Winter," etc.

3. Remember that your calendar should be an invitation to participate. In general, the following are not listed on the monthly calendar:

  • Regular meals and other regular ADLs.
  • Staff schedules or meetings, such as "Care Plan Day."
  • One-to-one schedule.
    Tip: Use our blank calendars to make separate calendars for staffing and one-to-one activity schedules.
  • Do not put such things as "Bingo Canceled this week" or "Activity Postponed" on the calendar. List only those activities you plan to have, not those you don't plan on doing.
  • Instead of putting "All activities subject to change" on your calendar, put "Any calendar changes or additions will be posted on the bulletin board." It sounds much better!