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Common Tips for Word Template Oddities

Microsoft Word Calendar and Newsletter templates can sometimes do odd things when you edit the file. Remembering to use Undo, Autorecover, or our Calendar Builder application can help.

Something changed. This doesn't look right!

You're entering your activities in your calendar or newsletter, and suddenly it doesn't look right. The text formatting changed, the picture disappeared, or maybe the calendar cells moved around.

This is the perfect time to pause, and remember the 'Undo' button (shown below).

Note:  It is very important you don't save at this point! It may go against your natural inclination, but saving your document when you see these oddities will only make them more permanent.  

The Undo command on the Quick Access Toolbar

The Undo button is  highlighted above.  Clicking the button will undo the most recent changes, one change at a time.  You can also use the keyboard shortcut of CTRL + Z.

More details on the Undo command can be found here

Undo isn't helping, what now?

If there have been more edit actions performed than the Undo command is able to revert, you may be able to recover an older version of the file if you are using Word 2016 or newer and the Autorecover feature is enabled

Microsoft has some fantastic documentation on this feature that you can find it here

Note:  Don't forget to ask for help from your IT staff if your computer is managed and you are unable to locate, or adjust these options on your own.

Still no joy? Try our Calendar Builder application

If the Microsoft Word calendar template editing experience just isn't working out, we recommend our Calendar Builder application.

Created to offer a better calendaring experience than Microsoft Word, Calendar Builder includes all of our fresh monthly template designs that we provide in the same Calendars section of our website, as well as instant access to our clipart library.  You can edit holidays, remove, and add your own if you'd like.  You can access your calendar from any computer and never have to worry about version conflicts, or if you have Word installed on the computer. 

Plus, save time each month by 'rolling over' your calendar!  By using Calendar Builder, you gain the benefit of being able to duplicate your calendar from one month to the next with just a couple clicks.  

You can find our Calendar Builder tips and tricks here

What about newsletters?

For Newsletters, sometimes the best course of action is to start over.  Download and save a new copy of the template you want to use, then and copy and paste the information from the "broken" file to the new one. 

If you still experience difficulties, please let us know.

If the Word template isn't undoing enough, or you can't roll back to a previous version, and Calendar Builder isn't an option, you can always reach out to our Customer Service team for additional help by emailing hello@activityconnection.com, or give us a call us during business hours at 503-281-7000.