Calendar Ideas

In addition to your monthly calendar-of-events, create some special and unique calendars. Here are some ideas for special calendars:

  • A Birthday Calendar: Use the "Birthday Design" option and make a birthday calendar to post on your bulletin board. Type in residents' birthdays, associates' birthdays, famous birthdays, and/or volunteers' birthdays.
  • A Special Events Calendar: Sometimes your "special events" (the live entertainer or special teatime) can get lost in a calendar that is very full. Create a separate calendar to highlight your special events. Just type "Special Events" in the "title" box under the name of the month.
  • Specific Activity Calendars: Create a calendar to highlight specific kinds of activities. For example, create a calendar for this month's "Shopping Trips," "Movie Schedule," "Exercise Classes," etc. Just type the "title" of your calendar in the text box under the name of the month.
  • Personalized Calendars: Make a personal calendar to welcome new residents. Type "Welcome Mary, Joe, etc." in the line under the month. Then, add special invitations/notes for the activities that they might be particularly interested in attending. For example, "Don't miss crafts today at 2:00. Come and meet all of the other crafters."
  • A Scheduling Calendar: Create scheduling calendars for activity staff, care staff, the bus driver, volunteers, etc.
  • Records and Notes: Create a calendar to keep records of One-on-One visits, reminder notes, etc.